Heartbreaking story of Ayesha Noor - wife of Bykea rider arrested in May 9 case.  @RaftarNewsOfficial 

نو مئی کیس میں گرفتار بائیکیا رائیڈر کی بیوی عائشہ نور کی دل دہلا دینے والی کہانی، عائشہ نور کو تھانوں میں کیا بھگتنا پڑ رہا ہے؟

Watch this touching video as we share the story of Ayesha Noor, a mom with two young kids, who is facing tough times. Her husband got arrested on May 9th, and life has become really hard for their family since then. They don't have a lawyer, they're low on money, and they're struggling to make ends meet. In this video, you'll hear Ayesha talk about her challenges and how she's trying to take care of her children even though things are really tough. We want to spread the word about Ayesha's situation and let people know about the difficulties families like hers can go through. If you feel touched by Ayesha's story, please share this video. Let's work together to show support and raise awareness about the tough times some families face. By watching and sharing, you can make a positive impact and help people like Ayesha get the help they need.


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