Naya Pakistan vs Purana Pakistan | PDM government borrowed 18500 Billion RS in just 15 months. @RaftarNewsOfficial

پی ڈی ایم حکومت کا بڑا کارنامہ، صرف 15ماہ میں 18ہزار 5سو ارب روپے کا قرضہ۔

In this eye-opening video, we delve into the staggering economic shifts that have occurred in Pakistan over the past 15 months under the PDM government's rule. Prepare to be surprised by the drastic differences between the old and new Pakistan when it comes to finances. Witness the astonishing revelation from State Bank's report, detailing how the PDM government managed to accumulate a jaw-dropping loan of Rs. 18.5 trillion in a mere 15 months. We break down the loan trajectory from March 2022, where Pakistan's total government loan stood at 44.4 trillion rupees, to the shocking 65.9 trillion rupees by the end of the last financial year. Witness a staggering increase of 41.7% in just one year and understand the factors contributing to this alarming spike.


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