How Do Pharma Companies (Mostly) Make Their Sales With Profit And Do Unethical Things To Blackmail The Doctors? | Pakistani Medicine Vs Multinational Pharma Company | Pharmaceutical Companies Face Quagmire In Pakistan | Reality Of Pharmaceutical Companies In Pakistan | How Some Doctors Are Looting Patients In Pakistan? | Doctor Mafia Corruption | Pharma Mafia Corruption Panadol Tablet Is Manufactured By GlaxoSmithKline And Is The Brand Name Of The Paracetamol Drug. It’s An Antipyretic Drug That’s Frequently Used For Fever And Pain. Demand For The Tablet Has Been High, Particularly In The Wake Of The Flooding And Rising Cases Of Dengue Fever. However, In A Statement Later In The Day, GlaxoSmithKline Confirmed That A Raid Was Conducted At One Of Its Warehouses But Refuted Claims Of Hoarding Panadol Tablets. "We Firmly Reject The Claims Related To Hoarding Panadol Intentionally To Create Shortage,” It Said, Clarifying That The Stocks At The Warehouse Were Intended To Be Released And Distributed In The Country In The “Normal Course Of Business”. The Pharmaceutical Companies Have Increased The Prices Of Medicines For Diabetes, Eye Disorders, Blood Pressure, And Other Diseases By 20 Percent Within A Week- Report 


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