Imran Khan Is Considered The Most Honest Pakistani Politician; During His Cricket Career, He Never Compromised On Principles While Making A Strong Team To Win Cricket World Cup. He Made Shukat Khanum Hospital In Lahore With Charity Because They Believed In And Trusted Him. He Made Other Two Cancer Hospitals, And People Give Him Money Again. He Made NUML University And Introduced The Bradford UK Degree In Pakistan Being Its Chancellor For 9 Years. He Fought For 22 Years Against Corruption, Fought For Poverty, And Poor Education And Health Standards In Pakistan. And Never Compromise On His Manifesto. As A Result, Pakistanis Trusted Him Again And Voted For His Party Pakistan Tehreek E Insaf PTI. He Won The Election 2018 And Is Going To Be The Prime Minister Of Pakistan As Well As His Party Will Make Provincial Govts In KPK And Punjab. On Another Side, PTI Has Many Corrupt Leaders Who Have Been Elected In 2018 (Mnas & MPA) And Were Facing Corruption Cases, Dual Nationality, Etc. 


جواب لکھیں