We All Love Cleanliness But Hate Cleaners? The Son Of A Sewer Cleaner Or "Bhangi" In Pakistan When I Used To Go To School My Friends Called Me To Look “CHURA” Son Of Sewage Cleaner Is Here, They Didn’t Share Their Glass Of Water With Me. My Lunch Was Snatched And Thrown Away From Me After That, And I Used To Stay Hungry All-day My Name Is Faiq And I Am 16 Years Old My Father Is A Sanitation Worker (Sewage Cleaner) Once A Boy From My School Saw My Father Working. He Came Back And Told Everyone At School That My Father Cleans The Sewage. Then, Kids Started Bullying Me. Sometimes, I Got Really Angry But There Was Nothing That I Could Do It’s Because If I Say Something To Them They Will Go And Complain To The Principal And Then He Will Say “What’s Wrong With It?” In Class, My Classmates Changed Their Seats And Sat Away From Me. They Use To Tease Me By Shouting At Me Like “Hey Son Of A Sewage Cleaner, Where Are You Going?” And Then They Planned To Throw Me Out Of The School. My Father Always Taught Me Not To Fight Or Say Anything To Them Otherwise They Will Cut My Name From The School. I Wanted My Father To Leave His Work As A Sanitation Worker But When I Asked Him, He Said How Else Will We Pay Our Expenses? I Had No Answer To This. That Is When I Realized That My Father Is My HERO! We All Love Cleanliness But Hate Cleaners? 


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