We are so busy building up our lives, daily we travel back and forth from home & office, giving our entire life to earn better. And then there are people always right beside us whom we fail to bring our notice. Raftar brings you a special segment called “Sarak Kahani”. In Sarak Kahani you will get to know how people are doing hard work but none of them are being highlighted. In this 3rd episode, you’ll be amazed to watch the story of a puncture wala who willingly left Dubai for Karachi and now he is earning well from his own business. Moreover, He preferred to run a business instead doing a job far from home Where he has seen a lot of Pakistanis crying of helplessness. His belief in himself to running A business made it easy to leave a well-paid job in Dubai and come back to Pakistan. Do you know what he earns monthly? let's find out in the video.


جواب لکھیں